Apps, Alerts & Safety

Manage your trip with these apps, service alerts, and safety features.

Transit Apps

Agencies: MARTA, GRTA Xpress, CobbLinc, and GCT

MARTA On the Go
Agencies: MARTA

myStop Mobile
Agencies: GCT

GoCCT Locator
Agencies: CobbLinc

Twitter Alerts

Follow these accounts for real-time service updates.

You can subscribe to the @ATLtransit Twitter list, which aggregates all the service alerts in metro Atlanta.

Email/SMS Updates

Sign up for future email and SMS service updates to stay informed to get info on just the routes you care about. (Expected Late 2016)


The MARTA See & Say App offers riders a quick and discrete method for reporting suspicious activity directly to MARTA Police. Using this app, riders can send MARTA Police pictures, text messages, and locations of suspicious persons and/or activities.